Job Opportunities

KGPC Nursery Personnel

Job Description

Looking for a caring, energetic nursery worker for Kings Grant Presbyterian Church Sundays from 8:15-12:45. Additional hours may be available. Please send one page resume and list of references to  


Job Responsibilities and Accountability:  To provide a loving, nurturing, safe, and engaging environment with supervision for our youngest members and visitors.  Nursery personnel are directly supervised by the Nursery Coordinator who is directly supervised by the Pastor, as the head of staff.  The Nursery staff and Nursery Coordinator also are accountable to the Care Ministry.

Job Duties include:

  1. Adhering to KGPC safety and nursery policies.Signing KGPC safety and nursery policy acknowledgement.
  2. Greeting parents and children upon arrival to the nursery.
  3. Assisting parents with sign-in procedures. When parent(s) pick-up/sign out child(ren), dismiss children one at a time with their belongings.
  4. Using latex-free/nitrile/vinyl gloves when changing diapers or when in contact with blood or bodily fluids.
  5. Ensuring parent(s) have completed the CHILD INFORMATION FORM upon child’s first visit in the nursery and then maintaining updates to the form bi-annually or on an as needed basis.
  6. Maintaining an awareness of children with known allergies or specialized health needs.
  7. Ensuring each child is signed into and out of the nursery.
  8. Providing an engaging atmosphere for the children in the nursery.
  9. Engaging with the children and work on only nursery related projects.
  10. Ensuring nursery room is picked up and order restored before leaving the nursery for the day.
  11. Ensuring all doors are locked to secure the property.
  12. Identifying and communicating needed supplies to the Nursery Coordinator in a timely manner.
  13. Ensuring toys are cleaned as needed and dates of cleaning are recorded.
  14. Disposing of toys that are no longer safe or usable.
  15. Directing requests for childcare for church related events to the Nursery Coordinator.
  16. Recording time on timesheet at the end of each shift to ensure payment.
  17. Completing an INCIDENT REPORT for any and all injuries.


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Be a committed Christian who embodies our church mission statement, “Abiding in Christ:Sent to Grow, Shine, and Love.”
  • Be committed to service. The nursery worker must be motivated to serve because of a commitment to Christ and a desire to minister to God’s children.
  • Keep a loving attitude with children.A genuine love for children must dominate the nursery worker’s attitudes, thoughts, and actions.A child senses whether or not a loving person is caring for them.They will develop a sense of trust, as they feel secure in the caretaker’s love.
  • This position requires a satisfactory background check.
  • Current CPR and First Aid Certifications; placed on file in KGPC office.
  • Must be available Sunday mornings, 8:15 – 12:45, with opportunities for additional hours.