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Winter Sermon Series:  “The Future of the Church in a Digital Age

 We live in a new digital age full of mobile devices, the Internet, social media, and a network of relationships. What does it mean to be the church in a networked world? How does the church integrate this new reality into the life of its ministry? How is the church to reinvent itself while also being faithful to the past ways we have been church? This sermon series will study how the Bible can guide us into being faithful witnesses to Christ in a new digital age.

             Along with the sermon series, Pastor Chris will lead a 5 week class on “Technology and the Church” which will build on the sermons and allow us to go deeper in our understanding of how to begin our own “communal theological reflection on new media.” How can the church use technology to build up the Body of Christ, enhance the community of faith, and fulfill the Great Commission? The class will focus on what a theology of technology might look like for this church. The digital age is here to stay. How can the church survive thrive in this new digital age?

 January 21           “The Virtual Body of Christ”                          I Corinthians 12:12-27

                 We will explore the Digital Revolution happening right now and what it means for the church. Drawing upon Paul’s analogy of the Body of Christ, we will see that the Body of Christ always has been and always will be a virtual body.

 January 28           “Who Is My Neighbor in the Digital Age?”                 Luke 10:25-29

                 Building upon the previous week of the image of the church as the Body of Christ and the reversal of status where the weakest members gain prominence, we will ask ourselves what it means to live into the two greatest commandments Jesus gave us. How do we love God using technology? How do we love our neighbor in this digital age? How can we be the virtual body of Christ as we live out our faith online?

 February 4          “Pay Attention!”                                                             Mark 10:46-52

                 Attention is a rare gift in this digital age of technological distractions. Jesus gives his full attention to Bartimaeus as he stops to pay attention to him, listens to his cry, asks him what he wants, and heals him virtually with his words. In this short story are many lessons in how we can use the tool of technology to heal, instead of allow technology to distract us from our physical surroundings. 

February 11        “Christ Has No Online Presence But Yours”                  John 1:1-18 

                The Christian church is an embodied church, after all our central believe is that the Word became flesh and lived among us. Incarnational theology, believe God came in the form of a human being, has often been used to distance the church from a disembodied technology. But what if we are being called to create an incarnational theology for a digital age? What would be some key themes? How can our church think through each of our ministries, and creatively, prayerfully venture out into the virtual realm? How do we individually and as a church faithfully live out our faith in a digital age?



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