Equip Ministry

The Equip Ministry is comprised of the Finance Team, Property Team and Personnel Team. These teams make up the business end of KGPC.

Finance Team:

Led by Tom Dillon, this team is committed to assuring that all offerings are distributed to the objects toward which they were contributed; to establishing the annual budget, determining the distribution of the church’s benevolences...providing full information to the congregation of its decisions in such matters; and to electing treasurers and supervising their work providing full and accurate reports to the Session and to the congregation at least annually and more often when requested. 

Property Team:

Led by Gay Aridas, the Property team is here to provide for the management of the property of the Church, including determination of the appropriate use of Church buildings and facilities. In addition to keeping our grounds looking fresh and beautiful for members and visitors, they ensure our building itself is ready to receive all that come to worship. 

Use of Building Policy

Personnel Team:

 Led by Kimberly Vaughan, the Personnel Team is here to oversee our personnel (staff).