Peacemaking Task Force

Mission Statement of the Peacemaking Task Force of King’s Grant Presbyterian Church 

In an a effort to promote world peace, non-violence, and a better understanding of others, the PeacemakingTask Force of the King’s Grant Presbyterian Church makes the following mission statement. 

Under the oversight of the session and our congregation, we will attempt to achieve the following goals by developing programs of study and activity to: 

1. Strive for a non-violent life-style among ourselves, our families and our community;

2. Promote issues of peace within the congregation;

3. Focus on the youth of our communities as the best recipients of our efforts;

4. Keep our congregation aware of, and sensitive to, issues of peace and non-violence thought the world;

5. Constantly study and seek to understand the violence within ourselves and seek ways to control it; and

6. Strive to understand better the many faiths around us. 

To help us to accomplish our mission, we welcome and invite direction from the congregation.