Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple -Summer Worship Series

Breaking Promises: I Swear I Don’t Know Him!

Dr. Chris Carrasco
Promises, promises. While often made with good intentions, sometimes the promises we make to God, to others, and to ourselves are not kept. Peter emphatically declared he would never deny Jesus; however, less than 12 hours later he did exactly that. It was a moment of weakness, of failure that is told by all four gospels. That night could have destroyed him, but instead it eventually propelled him into a faithful ministry of proclaiming Christ the last 35 years of his life. Our failures are not a reason to give up, quit, or stop. They only remind us that we are both flawed and faithful, and that God can use us, like Peter, in powerful ways for years to come.
Sunday, August 9, 2020


Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple -Summer Worship Series

He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear. He was the first to profess Jesus as the Son of God, yet he later denied knowing him. Simon Peter is an ordinary fisherman who heard an extraordinary call. In this five week study based on Adam Hamilton’s book by the same name, we will study Peter’s life in-depth from his call as a fisherman through his death. Perhaps we will see ourselves in Simon Peter, the flawed but ultimately faithful follower of Jesus Christ.

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