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Bethlehem Walk

Imagine the tiny village of Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Register your family with the census taker at the gate. Walk the crowded streets of the bustling marketplace. Talk with the vendors and sample their wares. Hear a story at the well. Beware of the Roman soldiers, patrolling the streets. Watch over the animals with the shepherds under the winter night sky. Listen to the villagers whisper about seeing angels and the birth of a very special baby. Experience whatever miracles may occur. But, don’t plan to stay, because there is no room at the inn!

King’s Grant Presbyterian       St Aidan’s Episcopal
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www.kgpc.org                                www.aidanvbva.net  

Bethlehem Walk is a joint gift to the community. It will begin the Advent season by preparing our hearts and minds for the real Christmas Gift. It isn’t a play. It isn’t a pageant. It is encountering Christ and the mystery of Christmas the way we believe it all began. We invite you to begin your advent celebration right here in the little town of Bethlehem.

This Event is FREE and Family Friendly!

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