Bank On Hampton Roads

About Bank On: KGPC is partnering with the Hampton Roads Bank On program to facilitate teaching people how to better manage their money. This established, nation-wide, program provides participants with five months of free training and coaching with the intent of teaching individuals to be more self-sufficient through financial education. Currently, the program is entirely virtual. 
Join: Learn about money through the Hampton Roads Bank On program and through the resources below. The Bank On program provides five months of classes, materials, and coaching to teach you how to better manage your money. 
Volunteer: The Bank On program needs volunteers to become instructors and coaches to facilitate teaching individuals how to better manage their money. There will be training for both positions prior to individuals being scheduled. Once trained and scheduled for a five month session, the volunteers are expected to serve a minimum of one hour a month, likely in the evenings. If you are interested in either being a coach or an instructor, please contact Emily Balke
-Get Money Smart
-360 Degrees of Financial Literacy
-My Money
-America Saves

JCOC Partnership

KGPC has long been a proud partner with JCOC as  part of our  Serve Outreach ministry. Some of our members remember back to the 1980's when people first came together to serve food to the folks at ocean front who were going hungry. Our commitment includes both financial and volunteer resources. Please contact Suzy Farley or Bob Bibbs with any questions. 
Click HERE for more information about JCOC.

Missionary Support

We support five missionaries and their families, who spend their time preaching the Good News and bearing witness to God’s unwavering and unconditional love. Jed (a child of this church) and Jenny Koball (Peru) spend their time working with young adults to end hunger, as well as participating in environmental advocacy. Mark Hare and Jenny Bent (Costa Rica) teach others how to sustainably support themselves. Janet Guyer (South Africa) has dedicated her life’s work to educating and advocating for women’s health. Jerry (another child of KGPC) and Katherine Riendeau spend their time witnessing to college students at James Madison University. We are embarking on supporting “Grace Inside” to reach out to those incarcerated to give them the chance to rehabilitate their spirit.  Finally, we partner with two sister churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to bring Christ’s Love to Christians in Africa.  

          Check out the “I Want To Volunteer” page for current opportunities you can match up your gifts with that may be a good fit for you. In conjunction with praying and asking for God’s guidance, this is a great tool for helping you Shine His Light. 

I Want To Volunteer

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