9:55 AM – 10:55 AM   
Cultivate a stronger faith  with our enrichment opportunities on Sunday Mornings!  Middle School and High School Youth will meet in their age groups to explore how their faith relates to life.
Middle School- Room 102
High School- Room 104

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Middle and High School Youth Fellowship is such an important aspect of faith formation for youth. KGPC has a wonderful youth program that allows for middle and high school students to explore their faith. In general, youth group meets every week for fellowship, fun, and faith formation. Local service projects and summer trips are offered to encourage our youth to grow in their faith and develop Christian leadership skills.  Following Christ is our main goal.

Click HERE for the Youth Winter and Spring Calendar

Middle School Summer Trips - 2022

Massanetta Middle School Conference

Who - rising sixth through ninth graders
What - Conference will transform the faith journey of hundreds of middle schoolers from all around the country.  Every aspect of this conference is crafted with middle schoolers in mind.  Conference activities like keynote speakers, recreation, encounter groups and workshops are centered on the theme of summer.
Where - Massanetta Springs (https://massanettasprings.org)
When - 21 - 24 June, 2022
Cost - $415 per person ($150 (non-refundable) Let Amanda Pine know your child is coming by: March 1, 2022
                Deposit of $150 due by: March 14th, 2022

High School Summer Trips - 2022

Mission Trip to Baltimore, MD

Who - Rising ninth graders through graduated seniors                                                                                                                                                               What - We are so excited to be taking a youth mission trip to Baltimore this year.  We will work with The Center in Baltimore (www.thecenterbaltimore.org).  Here is a description of their programming - At The Center, our group will be paired with a local congregation or community ministry.  Our partners work in different neighborhoods and have developed different community partnerships and ministries.  Each mission experience is unique but the foundation of each trip is the same - we plan and lead on-the-ground mission opportunities, integrating hands-on mission experiences with learning and theological reflection.  Groceries, housing and safe outdoor activities for our downtime are coordinated.                                                                                                             Where - Baltimore, MD
When - June 25 through July 1, 2022
Cost - $500 per person ($150 non-refundable deposit due by April 1 2022 to reserve your spot on the team)
Let Amanda Pine know your child is coming by: March 1

Presbyterian Youth Triennium

Who - Rising ninth graders through graduated seniors
What - God has called us to be together to SEE God's people and to See and explore what it means to truly SEE each other.  There is a place for you to be, to see and to be seen ... in July, 2022.  A place where young Presbyterians will gather together to activate their next steps in faith, exploring the intersection of justice, courage, connection and vision.  When we SEE each other at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium... We will SEE God/We will SEE Ourselves/We will SEE OTHERS/We will SEE ALL.  We will understand what it means to truly SEE! (presbyterianyouthtriennium.org)
Where - Louisville, KY
When - July 24 - July 27, 2022
Cost - TBD ( Deposit of $ due by: TBD) Let Amanda Pine know your child is coming by: March 1, 2022

Montreat High School Conference

Who - Rising ninth graders through graduated seniors
What -  A Montreat Youth Conference affirms youth in their calling to be and to shape the church of Jesus Christ.
Our desire is to help youth come to know and believe that they are the beloved of God in a place where authenticity, community, connection, and God’s truth thrive. We seek to be an inclusive space where each voice can be heard and where each heart can be molded;  where change is invited, challenge is expected, and where all are embraced.
We have spent the last year, and more, in a season of disconnect through our challenges and circumstances. God calls us to be connected in all aspects of life. Through the stories of Mary and Martha, Jacob and Esau, Jeremiah, and many others, we are reminded that we are all inter-connected in God’s intentional actions. Join us as we explore the many ways that we can reconnect to live out God’s call.
More information about the event: https://montreat.org/events/myc-22
Where - Montreat, NC.  We will be staying in an amazing house off campus
When - July 31 -  August 6, 2022
Cost - $500 per person ($150 non refundable deposit due by April 1, 2022 to reserve a spot). 
Let Amanda Pine know your child is coming by: March 1, 2022

Fundraisers 2022
Fundraisers to Benefit Mission Trips as a Group: This will go towards the group costs of the trips. For example, this will help pay for transportation, food, chaperones, etc. All youth who are going on a trip this summer MUST attend and work at least three of these fundraising opportunities. Details for these fundraisers will be released closer to the dates. 
• Chili & Cornbread Fundraiser (Cooking February 4th, Distribution February 13th during the church services)
• Parents Night Out (February 12, 2022)
• Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner (March 1, 2022)
• Car Wash and Hot Dog Sale (April 10, 2022)
• Youth Sunday Fundraising Board (May 1, 2022) 

Individual Fundraising Options: Let me know if you want to participate in these. 
• Rent-A-Teen:
When church members need a job done, they can ask youth to do the job for them and donate towards the cost of their trips. Please let Amanda know if you would like to participate in this opportunity. 
• Selling Shares:
Think crowd-funding- essentially, many folks pay into the overall cost of the trip, making it less expensive for families. This is a great way for many people to feel involved in sending a youth on a trip. Please let Amanda know if you would like to participate in this opportunity. 
• Scholarship Funding:
We can offer scholarship funding. Please let Amanda know if you would like to utilize scholarship funding and you will be provided the scholarship form

Confirmation is a biannual church education and faith formation program for grades seven and eight. Components of the program include, weekly two hour meetings following the traditional church service, meetings with mentors, completing a workbook, writing a statement of faith, participation in a retreat, individual meetings with the teachers, field trips, and service projects.

Youth Choir - is for youth from grade four and up.  They rehearse on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. 
Youth Bells – is a handbell choir for 4th through 12th graders.   Rehearsals are on Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. 

Acolytes: This program is for rising sixth graders who participate in lighting and extinguishing the candles on the altar.  Acolytes are selected from willing church youth. Training is provided.

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